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Display jQuery Ajax Error Information


Was helping someone with an ajax issue the other day and to help diagnose what the error was I wrote a little jQuery code to display error information at the bottom of the page. I’m sure there are about a thousand other plugins and posts out there for displaying error information about ajax requests, but thought I’d share mine anyways in hopes that it would help someone out.

<script type="text/javascript">
    $('body').ajaxError(function (e, jqxhr, settings, exception) {
        $(this).append('<div ID="ajaxLog" style="background-color:Red;"></div>')
        var log = $('div#ajaxLog');
        $(log).append('Response Text: ' + jqxhr.responseText + '<br />');
        $(log).append('Status: ' + jqxhr.status + '<br />');
        $(log).append('Status Text: ' + jqxhr.statusText + '<br /><hr>');
        $(log).append('Data: ' + settings.data + '<br />');
        $(log).append('Data Types: ' + settings.dataTypes + '<br />');
        $(log).append('Type: ' + settings.type + '<br />');
        $(log).append('Url: ' + settings.url + '<br /><hr>');
        $(log).append('Exception: ' + exception + '<br />');

You’ll end up with something looking like this:

Error Display Image

Hopefully this helps you out if our run into some issues with your ajax requests.

Tags: jQuery and Javascript

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