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jQuery Ajax Presentation @CVINETA


I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation on performing ajax requests with jQuery at the CVINETA user group in Cedar Falls, IA. I thought the presentation went fairly well, lots of small improvements I can make to it, but over all it went well. My biggest area I need to improve on is taking less time on the slides and spend more time on the demo part of the presentation.

If you are interested in viewing my slides and demo application you can get the files here.

My demo spent time covering the get, getJSON, post, and ajax methods in jQuery and how you can use those methods with an ASP.Net MVC application. I also took some time and covered how you can use jQuery templates to display data on a web page from an ajax request.

If you made it to my presentation, thank you for coming out and if anyone has any suggestions for areas I missed or needed to cover more please let me know.

Tags: jQuery, Javascript, and Presentation

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