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2017 Goals


The other day I wrote a review of 2016, as a extension to that post I thought I would write a list of goals for 2017. Writing down the goals is supposed to hold you accountable and help you work towards those goals.

One of the requirements I was going to place on my goals was to make them measurable, not sure how easy some of them will be to measure. I also wanted to make the goals attainable, basically trying to prevent those gigantic shoot for the stars goals. I do have a young kid in the house and as anyone with kids knows “the best laid plans” principal comes into effect, so attainable is a must.

  • List 3 daily outcomes I want to complete that day:
    • This is based off the book Getting Results The Agile Way. I’ve been doing this for awhile, but I seem to fall of the band wagon for a week or two and then jump back into it. With the transition to management, I now spend more time in meetings or in hallway conversations. By adding the 3 daily outcomes I should be able to stay focused on important tasks when I do find time at my desk.
    • To measure this goal, I plan to use Trello to track the daily outcomes. One additional benefit of using Trello and tracking the daily outcomes is that I will now be able to provide details to my manager on tasks and items that I have completed.
    • I also want one of the 3 daily outcomes to be something personal. I strive to have a healthy work/life balance and with the wife and little guy at home I have plenty of reasons to make life outside of work a priority.
  • Delegate more work:
    • I need to get better at letting my team make decisions and solve problems. I work with some really smart people and I need to find ways to help them grow and help our team succeed.
    • This will be tough to measure, but I should be able to track this through the associated people on our backlog items.
  • Bike at least once a week when the weather is better:
    • Pre-kid, I was biking a couple times a week and even did some communting to work on my bike. And then the kid happened….. and my bike rarely left my garage. Biking is one of my favorite summer activities and Des Moines has a great biking culture, I hope now that the kid is a little older I’ll be able to get out on trails. I’m also hopefully I’ll be able to take the little guy with me for a few rides.
  • One small trip with the wife:
    • I want to go on at least one small trip with just the wife and I. I want to travel to a place in the county neither of us has been to before. Now to just convince one of the grandparents to watch Jack for a long weekend.
  • Blog
    • I want to try and get back into blogging again and not just personal items. My goal is to average one non personal blog post per month.

I have some additional personal and professional goals but those are hard to measure. I’ll leave those off this list as I look at those as more guiding principals than really yearly goals.

Here’s to 2017, lets all go out there and complete our resolutions and goals!

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