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Trying Something New


Well the tumblr experiment didn’t go well, as you can probably tell from the previous blog post’s publish date. With the encouragement awhile back from my friend @mikecole I’ve decided to give Jekyll and its github pages integrations a try for a blogging site.

I have nothing bad to say about tumblr, I was just never excited about having them host my blog and because of that I never felt like blogging. I’m hoping with this move to Jeykll and github pages I’ll find the spark to start blogging again.

A couple of the reasons why I think this change will be good is that it gives me a chance to be a geek and play with github. I also like the idea of getting to learn markdown, I’m having to document thoughts and ideas a lot more with my career change to Product Owner and Manager, I’m hoping markdown can become a tool I use to help with the documentation.

So far my Jekyll experience has been mixed, I think a lot of that had to do with being on Windows. I thought the documentation could’ve been better and I had to do a lot of hunting to find answers to questions, but I now know a lot more about the internals of Jekyll and the github integration. It took me a bit, but I think I have the site up and running with the basics. I have some things I want to change, but I can deal with those in the future. We’ll first see how this blogging experience goes before I start adding any new features to the site.

Here’s to the future and hopefully some success on this Jekyll blogging experiment.

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