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Blog Moving Day!


Since posterous (my old blog host) announced it was shutting down I’ve known I needed to move my blog, but nothing like waiting til the last minute to finally get it done. On April 29th I got an final warning email from posterous saying I had until April 30th to do something with my blog. So rushing through my options I decided to move my blog to tumblr.

Figure 1

I had originally looked at tumblr for hosting my blog a few years ago, but the day I was testing out tumblr they had a huge server crash that caused a major downtime of their system. After experiencing that frustration I decided I’d leave my blog hosting on posterous.

Well now that posterous is no more, here I am back at tumblr.

I ended up picking tumblr for a few reasons: One I had played with tumblr a few times since their server issues and did like the simplicity and ease of their service. Two, because I needed something quick and I was familiar with tumblr. Three, because their was an awesome service from import2 that would export my old blogs from posterous and import them into tumblr, thus maintaining all my old posts. Finally, cause tumblr isn’t wordpress!

So far, I’m extremely happy with how easy it was to set everything up in tumblr, and get it configured how I wanted. I was able to find a theme that would allow me to use disqus comments, easily able to hook up google analytics, and to get my custom domain pointed to tumblr without any issues. The only thing I was slightly bummed about was that I lost the comments on my posterous blog because I switched to discus for comments. Not a huge issue since I didn’t have a ton of comments, but their were a few posts with some good discussions in the comments.

Figure 2

I have to say I am extremely happy with how easy it was to move my blog and how quick I was able to get it setup and configured. Now I just hope I don’t get an email from tumblr saying their shutting down tomorrow ;).

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