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Failure is a Chance for Success


I’m a religious person and came across this passage in my daily readings and felt I should share it. It pertains to all things in life, but I can see its value and power when looking at it from a technical and entrepreneurial point of view.

“Do not let your failures define you. They are not how God measures you. In fact, they are how the enemy wants to measure you; that’s why he asks to sift you. Don’t trust his measurement. Trust Jesus. He has prayed for you.”

In closing, listen to those who support you, those who lift you up from failures and dust you off. They are the ones who will support you and count your successes. Don’t spend time listening to those who count your failures, they are only trying to hold you down and prevent you from believing in yourself.

So if you’ve fallen, dust yourself off, get up, and do something to make the world a better place.

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