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Wedding Time


This is a personal blog post, and just wanted to share with everyone that I got married a few weeks ago to my best friend, Lauren. It was an awesome day, a little hot, wedding was amazing and filled with so many close friends and relatives. My wife Lauren and I couldn’t have asked for a better day, well less heat. Thanks to everyone who attended the wedding and a very big special thanks to all those that helped make our day so special. We both thought it was really cool how our entire wedding was filled with friends and family, even down to the musicians, photographer, and deacon. It just made the whole experience even more special knowing that we were totally surrounded by love and friendship.

I want to give some props to our guitar player / singer Andy Juhl, I went to high school with this guy and was so blessed to have him be able to play for our wedding. If you’ve never heard his music before its amazing, you should go check it out at www.andyjuhl.com.

Another person / group that did an amazing job was our photographer, Danny Vasquez. Danny, his wife Jessie, and assistant Jennifer did an amazing job and were there almost the whole day taking some amazing shots and dealing with the intense heat. Thanks can not be said enough for how they handled the heat and made our shots look so awesome! The temps were reaching over 100 degrees on the wedding day.

Below is a video montage Danny put together with some of the photo’s he took on Lauren and I’s wedding day.

Thanks to everyone else who helped make our wedding so special, we can’t say thanks enough for all you did. Love you all!

Aaron & Lauren

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